January 21, 1863

[Louisiana] Jan. 21st.  This morning orders came to have knapsacks packed & ready to sling at any moment for a move.  Went out after a company inspection of arms & had a short skirmish drill.  Came in at 11 ½ o’clock & at once detailed ten men with spades & picks to go down near the Blind Asylum & work on the ground that we are to occupy next as a camping ground.  Held ourselves ready all the afternoon for a move, but the order did not come.  We expect tomorrow early in the morning—have now occupied this ground nine days & it is about time for another move.  A report has spread in camp today that there is to be a general examination of the Officers of the Reg., & a pretty rigid one, and all those not “passing muster” are to be discharged.  It was said that some dozen officers of the 26th Maine have already been rejected on examination.  This evening, on conversing with a member of the 26th I learn that there has been some talk of sending one or two obviously incompetent officers before an examining board!  So much for camp stories.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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