February 8, 1863

West Point Feb 8th., ’63

Dear Father,

Sunday has come again and I must finish that letter which you will receive day before this. I have nothing new to write. We are having very warm weather again, it seems very much like Spring and I feel very near to Furlough. Yesterday a tailor came up from New York to see the First Class about making their uniforms and also to see the Furlough Class. A few men got measured for their Furlough clothes. I shall get mine here at the Commissary. I shall hardly have money enough to get home with and there is some doubt about that. I shall be very poor and have only one suit of clothes. I should have got a suit from the New York tailor if I had the money. I guess I can make up some before Furlough. It is only four months. Some of the men begin to count the days. […]

I should like to get a letter from Mother and Catharine. I want to know the state of affairs in Limington.

Your Affectionate Son, Malcolm McArthur

Malcolm McArthur to Arthur McArthur, Sr. [McArthur Family Papers]

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