February 25, 1863

2-25Wednesday.  Spent the morning in writing to Pamelia & put the letter in the office.  In the afternoon went out opposite to Camp Banks for Batt[alion] Drill under the Lt. Colonel.  Gen.  Dwight rode up to the Reg. & watched our movements narrowly.  He made some remarks, criticizing pretty sharply.  He seemed determined to have things done “up to the mark”—was perfectly calm & gentlemanly in his criticisms, exhibiting quite a contrast to Col. Wilson’s manner on a like occasion.  He used the term “slouchy” in regard to the movements of some of the men, & he ‘hit the nail on the head,” for we have a large number of “slouchy” men in the Regt.  He said the men must be thoroughly drilled in the firings as of the first importance.  I for one thought his complaints just, & mean to try to improve my Co. in the points two which he took exception.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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