February 17, 1863

2-17[Louisiana] Tuesday.  Rainy all day.  Had no drills or inspection.  Have spent most of the day in the tent, writing, & preparing Company papers.  Am trying to arrange my Co. accounts so that if I live to make another “quarterly return“ I may do it with less labor & perplexity than I have been able to do the last.  I turned over to the Col. today 8 guns & sets of accoutrements belonging to sick men who are not likely to use them for a long time.  This relieves me from the trouble of keeping them in my own hands, & from the danger of losing them.  I now have but three sets in my hands, & hope the men to whom they belong will soon be able to take them again.

Last night some of our Cavalry pickets were fired upon by rebel cavalry, & one of our men shot in the ankle, breaking the bones so badly as to make amputation necessary, which has been performed on him today, in the Genl. Hospital.

There have been reports here that Gen. Butler returned to New Orleans & resumed his former post of Commander of this Department, but the Chaplain who arrived here from N.O. this morning, says it is not true, though the public feeling there is that Gen. Butler is the man for the place, as I most certainly do.  I know nothing, of course, of the plans of our General, but it does seem that time enough has been spent here to n o purpose, & that if we are to do anything to crush the rebel power here on the river it is high time that we were doing something to that end.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]


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