February 11, 1863

[Louisiana] Wednesday.  Sat up till about 2 o’clock this morning preparing the packages of money that the men wished me to send home for them by Express.  This morning went down in town & put the money in the Express office—five packages, amounting in all to $1932–$275 of it for men out of the Col. & the balance, $1657, for the Officers & men of the Company.  I sent $200 of my own money to Pamelia in the package to Father—Lt. R. sent $202—Lt. J. $200 to his wife.   Sent $464 to Hon. Isaiah Stetson, of Bangor, to distribute for men belonging to several towns.   Sent $785 to H. K. Dexter, E. Corinth, including $202 for Lt. R.–$210 for Dr. Huckins, & $45 for two men of other companies.  I was glad the men sent so much home, for it will do the families a great deal of good.  Several send their money by mail, & I think there will be at least $1800 sent by us all.  This afternoon have been arranging my Clothing account.  Corp. Spooner began to cook for us today, as our darky[!] cook has disappeared.  Put a letter in the mail for Pamelia, & inclosed a note to Father, informing him of the remittance by Express.  This afternoon while on Batt[alion] Drill, as the Co. were firing blank cartridges, Ellis Smith carelessly discharged his gun with the muzzle close to Corp. Jordan’s head, the powder & wad being blown into the flesh, making quite a wound, though if properly cared for it will not be likely to prove very severe.  It is very wonderful that more accidents have not happened from the carelessness of the men, while using ball cartridges.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Mss. Collection]

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