June 12, 1863

Camp at Ellis’ Ford Va.

My Dear Brother:

After having received my letter (No 20) that was written in such a fright you may think that there was some cause for fear of the Rebel bullets and or to allay any such I will write you this evening. Here have we this learned of all the moves that have taken place at Fredericksburg, Bealeton, Kelly’s Ford so that it will be of no interest for us to repeat them… […]

Holman Melcher to brother, Nathaniel Melcher [Holman Melcher Papers]

June 6, 1863

Camp 20th Maine Vols. Ellis’ Ford Va.

Dear Brother N.

We are having a taste of a soldier’s life just now. We were at U.S. Ford when I last wrote you if I remember correctly. We have had so much changing about of late that I have almost lost my recurring of letters and time — we remained at the ford doing picket duty till Thursday 4th and then received orders to move and down came our tents which we had got so nicely changed and off we started up the river on the [illegible] road.

Remained for the night in a grass field and in the morning came to our present camp distant from U.S. Ford about 14 miles. Are now encamped in a beautiful camp needs on dry ground and good water near – are about 1/4 mile from the river. […]

Holman Melcher to brother, Nathaniel Melcher [Holman Melcher Papers]

April 27, 1863

Camp near Falmouth Va.

Dear Brother N.

Again with pleasure do I inform a few moments this evening in writing you and you are probably astonished to see is dated at our old camp – well so am I, for I expected long before this time to be far away… but we seem to be destined to disappointments – perhaps the future will be brighter – hope is will.

This is the second time we have been stopped by rain. This time we had to stop for the mud to dry away and while doing so the enemy found out the plans and so we must wait till new ones are made!… I am not complaining of Providence – no – no!! Only excusing our delay. I am aware that the result is loathing to this army for deeds that will tell when the rebellion – and the south too, are gaining courage from our inactivity.  But I hope the time is not far distant when this army will come forth from a [illegible text] with the heroes of victory in a great and glorious Cause.


Holman Melcher to brother, Nathaniel Melcher [Holman Melcher Papers]