August 14, 1863

Buttermill Falls

Dear General Howard,

I hasten to copy a letter I received this morning from J. F. Hadley written Saturday – and please answer as soon as possible as I would not send him one word that you had not seen. He need not know that I wrote to you – but I want is well authenticated

“Dear Jeanie

Can’t you furnish me some facts about Gen. Howard which will help me making up a biographical sketch of him. 1st was he a professing Christian when he came to West Point or become one while there. 2nd was he a teacher in the Sabbath school, and what he did in it. – the part he took in meetings etc. 3rd any anecdotes or facts in relation to his religious life at West Point – his companions etc – recall some of the things he has said to you. Now if you will [illegible] your noddle a little and give me a few scraps right away, I shall feel much reliefed.

Yours Truly

Anything about his family – their position occupation etc – Didn’t you tell me he prayed with his regiment the first time he met it. Tell me all the anecdotes you ever heard of him.

J.F. Hadley”

Now I humbly opine that this is the one to do you justice, dear General Howard and as I have had so few opportunities of seeing papers and have never corresponded with anyone near you and am most anxious to see you done justice to, as our much loved friend I write at once, and by your will promptly send me some thing of your life that you would most like to come from the historians’ front.

Ours best and kindest love, Jeannie H. Grey

Jeannie H. Grey to Oliver Otis Howard [Oliver Otis Howard Papers] 

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