April 9, 1863

4-9Dear Guy,

A very poor sketch of the Head Quarters tent. You will see the foundation is of logs but you cannot see the beautiful moss between them;  and you cannot look inside and see very nice stove, table, desk, bed, carpet new chairs and other things. I wish you could look in. We moved here last Tuesday. The privates came before us and fixed my tent very nicely. They are almost all Germans. Mr. Whittelsey has now come to us. Yesterday we all went to a review of a very large number of men. I think some 60,000 or 70,000 men. [… It took a very long time for them to march past the president. There were two little boys, sons of the President, at the river, one of them was but little younger than you and rode a very handsome pony. I think he borrowed the pony. He rode about as well as anybody I saw. I should have liked to have had you there.


Your affectionate papa,

O.O. Howard

Oliver Otis Howard to his son, Guy [Oliver Otis Howard Papers]

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