April 11, 1863

12Saturday.  Had Co. inspections at 7 o’clock.  A. W. Lovejoy, who arrived yesterday morning from  B. Rouge, was taken back in an ambulance, with several other men, to the hospital at Bayou Boeuf.  Took his gun & equipments with him.  Shores is to stay here in convalescent camp—he took Lovejoy’s half of a shelter tent.  Wyman is determined to go with the Co., tho’ he is not very strong.  Troops are going across the river all the time, & we are waiting orders to “fall in” for the same purpose.  Just before noon the Col. sent our last payrolls to be signed by the men.  He all of our Co. sign who are with us, & returned the rolls to the Col.
At 2 o’clock fell into line in marching order, and soon after marched down near the boat landing, stacked arms, & here I now write (3 ½ o’clock).  The Reg. are lying & sitting on their knapsacks, while others are embarking & we don’t know as we shall be called for till night.  About sunset made fires & got supper, then pitched tents & turned in.  At 10 o’clock were roused from sleep & ordered to embark.  Seven companies from the right (the other three Cos. In Laurel Hill) went on board the gunboat where we found only room to sit down on our packs.  I got a leaning place & slept quite comfortably till morning.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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