Wrapping up the First Year Blog…

Carr at Ref deskThis will be the last post on the Class of 2017 Welcome page. We hope that you have found this site helpful as you have begun your time at Bowdoin.

As we close this blog, remember that the Library exists to support your learning. If you need help with your work, the Library staff is available at our reference desks and by email and chat through our Ask Us site.  You can also contact your First Year Librarian (see the previous blog post) or your favorite reference librarian for an individual research consultation.

We would appreciate hearing any comments you might have on this site and ways that the Library can help you and future first-year classes make the transition to college research. Send your thoughts to Joan Campbell.

See you in the Library!

Need Research Help?

String Bean QuestionYou’re back from fall break and the work is ramping up—remember that the super-nice and friendly folks at the Library (that’s us!) are here to help you.  If you’ve forgotten who your First-Year Librarian is, check the table below, send a quick email, and be on your way to better research and less stress!

Class of 2017 First Year Librarian Assignments
Alphabetical Range of Students First Year Librarian Librarian Email Librarian Extension
Aborn-Bush Joan Campbell jcambe2@bowdoin.edu x3285
Bottone-Colau Judy Montgomery jmontgom@bowdoin.edu x3749
Colin-Fisher Karl Fattig kfattig@bowdoin.edu x3027
Fisher-Growney Karen Jung kjung@bowdoin.edu x3311
Gruber-Jacobson Carr Ross cross@bowdoin.edu x3545
Jaques-Likhanskaia Leanne Pander lpander@bowdoin.edu x3260
Lillis-Moody Mike McDermott mmcderm2@bowdoin.edu x3856
Moore-Penn Sue O’Dell sodell@bowdoin.edu x3265
Pfannenstiel-Sanchez Gonzales Anne Haas ahaas@bowdoin.edu x3690
Scarlett-Tidona Carmen Greenlee cgreenle@bowdoin.edu x3286
Tiernan-Zhang Barbara Levergood blevergo@bowdoin.edu x3351

Learn How to Organize Your Citations

confusionUnless and until a miracle happens, and citation formats across the disciplines suddenly become identical, you will benefit greatly by learning a program to help you organize and format your citations.

Make your research life a little easier and come to one of the Library’s workshops:

Individual instruction and workshops are available throughout the year.

Fall Semester Workshops
(all workshops will take place in the ECR, basement HL Library)

EndNote for MAC Users

Mon., Sept. 16, 10AM-11AM
Tues. Oct. 8, 10AM-11AM
Thurs., Oct. 24, 3PM-4PM

EndNote for PC Users

Wed., Sept. 18, 10AM-11AM
Fri., Oct. 4, 10AM-11AM
Mon., Oct. 21, 1PM-2PM


Thurs., Oct. 3, 12PM-1PM
Tues., Oct. 22, 1PM-2PM

For questions about EndNote and citation managers or to arrange an individual session, please contact  Karen Jung


Three Questions for Jaime Jones, Library Access Services Assistant

Jaime JonesQ. What is your favorite book?
A. It’s a tie between Halldor Laxness’ Independent People and Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.  Good reads, both!

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?
A. One of the biggest perks of working in Interlibrary Loan is getting to see all the neat (and sometimes obscure) materials being borrowed for our patrons’ research.  I love that I have the opportunity to chat with students and faculty about their research projects, and learn about interesting topics that I might not have even considered otherwise.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant/store/place in Brunswick?
A.  The Frontier Café – it’s a great place to eat, relax, and watch the river roll by.

Last Chance: Library Tour, Wednesday, Sept. 18

ReminderCalling all first-years!  Mark your calendar and meet in the lobby of the H-L Library on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 4:00 for a 30-45-minute student-led tour of the Library.  If you can’t make this tour, please email your First Year Librarian or Leanne Pander at  lpander@bowdoin.edu

>>>Where do I check out books? (Wait, where can I even FIND a book?)

Where can I find my course reserves? (What ARE course reserves anyway?)

Where are the Hubbard Stacks (and do they really have GLASS floors?)

Find out the answers to these questions and lots of others when you stop by for a 30-45-minute tour of the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, led by one of your fellow students and designed especially for first-years on:

Wednesday, Sept.18: 4:00. Tours begin in the H-L Library lobby.


Three Questions for Kelsey Berger ’15

Kelsey BergerQ. What is your favorite book?
I love Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I used to listen to the audiobook when I was younger, and it’s one of the few books I still carry around when I travel.

Q. What has been a favorite research project at Bowdoin?
In my first-year seminar we investigated the ways that the venom from poisonous animals could be used as the basis for new treatment in medical therapy, especially the treatment of severe chronic pain. It was fascinating to see how something so dangerous could, in a new context, become useful and desirable.  I remember being really surprised to find out that the major substance in Botox is chemically akin to the toxin that causes botulism.

Q. What is your favorite study space in the library?
A. I like to go to the carrels in the lower-level stacks. It’s a really great place to focus — it gets pretty quiet down there.

Three Questions for Richard Lindemann, Director, George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives

Richard LindemannQ. What is your favorite book?
A. Henning Mankell’s Depths, a brooding book tempered by extraordinary literary skill.

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?
A. Leading students to the discovery of books as art and reading as a visual as well as a cognitive experience.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant/store/place in Brunswick?
A. Shere Punjab. Try the poori and the lamb curry.