Need Research Help?

String Bean QuestionYou’re back from fall break and the work is ramping up—remember that the super-nice and friendly folks at the Library (that’s us!) are here to help you.  If you’ve forgotten who your First-Year Librarian is, check the table below, send a quick email, and be on your way to better research and less stress!

Class of 2017 First Year Librarian Assignments
Alphabetical Range of Students First Year Librarian Librarian Email Librarian Extension
Aborn-Bush Joan Campbell x3285
Bottone-Colau Judy Montgomery x3749
Colin-Fisher Karl Fattig x3027
Fisher-Growney Karen Jung x3311
Gruber-Jacobson Carr Ross x3545
Jaques-Likhanskaia Leanne Pander x3260
Lillis-Moody Mike McDermott x3856
Moore-Penn Sue O’Dell x3265
Pfannenstiel-Sanchez Gonzales Anne Haas x3690
Scarlett-Tidona Carmen Greenlee x3286
Tiernan-Zhang Barbara Levergood x3351

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