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(Reducing unneeded duplication means more unique titles can be purchased by each library, thereby enriching our combined collections. Most materials may be obtained via MaineCat or NExpress within 2-3 days.)
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If needed immediately, please consider requesting the title through MaineCat or NExpress until the order arrives.
Special Instructions

To request a new periodical subscription, please complete this form which will be forwarded to the Collections Librarian. Bear in mind that journal subscriptions represent a substantial ongoing financial commitment on the part of the Library.  Would interlibrary loan or pay-per-view access meet your and your students’ research needs?

As a rule, requests are reviewed once per semester; however, please indicate in Question 4 if you need a more immediate response.

For assistance with completion of this form please contact Joan Campbell at or 725-3285.

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The following information will help us evaluate the importance of this title to the development of the Library's collection, as well as to the Colby/Bates/Bowdoin Consortium:

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