EndNote Filter Help for CSA Databases

Filters allow you to import citations from a database into EndNote. The instructions below work for the following Cambridge Scientific Abstracts databases:

Follow the steps below to save results and import them into EndNote:

1. When viewing the results list of a search, click in the box next to the number of the citation.

2. Click on the Update Marked List directly above the search results


3. Next click on the Marked Records button at the top right of the screen


4. Now Click on the Save, Print, Email button above your marked list


5. Select either PC or Mac and the click save and save the file as a text document


6. Choose File / Import
7. Choose the text file that you saved in the previous steps
8. Make sure the Import Option is set to the name of the database from which you are importing, e.g. AveryIndex (CSA)1 export
CSA Database Name
Filter Name
Avery Index Avery Index (CSA)
Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts Online
BHA/RILA - Bibliography of the History of Art
Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management
Environmental Sci (CSA)
GeoRef GeoRef (CSA)
Philosopher's Index
Philosophers Index (CSA)
PapersFirstSocial Services Abstracts
Social Services Abs (CSA)
Sociological Abstracts
Sociological Abs (CSA)
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
Avery Index (CSA)*

*No filter is currently available specifically for this index. Using this filter works reasonably well, though you will need to check your citations carefully as some may not import correctly.

9. Choose the Import button.
10. Your references should now be available in your Endnote library, and you should be able to review them in the ‘Imported References’ group in your library.

1 If you do not see the correct filter, choose Other Filters... and then select it from the list.