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Catalog Search Tips: Keyword Searching

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Search Tips This search... retrieves records with:
Default. Multiple words are searched together as one phrase.
toxic waste "toxic waste" in any indexed field (title, author, subject, notes).
september song "september song" in any indexed field (title, author, subject, notes).
Allows searching for different endings of a word. Use a single asterisk * to match up to 5 characters. Use a double asterisk ** to match any number of characters.
nation* nation, nations, national, nationhood, etc.
nation** nation, nations, national, nationhood, nationalities, nationalizing, nationalization, etc.
AND requires that both terms be present. OR allows that either term be present. AND NOT excludes the second term. Use parentheses to group combined terms.
ceylon or sri lanka "sculpture" and "asia, asian/s, asiatic, etc."
ceylon or sri lanka either "ceylon" or the phrase "sri lanka", or both
brunswick and not new "brunswick" but not "new" (i.e., not New Brunswick)
(france or italy) and baroque either "france" or "italy" AND also "baroque"
Use NEAR to specify words within 10 words of each other in the same field (e.g., title, subject, etc.). Use WITHIN # to specify terms which occur within # words of each other anywhere in the record.
embryo* near develop* "embryo, etc." and "develop, etc." within 10 words of each other in the same field
dream* within 5 interpret* "interpret, etc." and "dream, etc." within 5 words of each other
Specify which fields to search using field abbreviation. Fields available for this search option are a: (author), t: (title), d: (subject), and n: (note). Truncation (*) cannot be used in field searching.
t:bible and d:interpretation titles that contain "bible" and subjects that contain "interpretation"
d:shelley and not d:percy subjects that contain "shelley" but not "percy" (i.e. Mary Shelley)
a:bach and t:565 authors that contain "bach" and titles that contain "565" (i.e. BWV 565)

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