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A collection of online educational videos from leading filmmakers and production houses. Trial ends Nov. 30.

Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, 1789-2014
A comprehensive collection of Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, including an extensive collection of unnumbered documents. Cross-searchable with all other ProQuest Congressional content. Content is approximately 25% complete at this time. For more information about this source, please see this guide from ProQuest. Trial ends Nov. 14.

Caribbean Newspapers, 1718-1876
Contains more than 140 newspaper titles from 22 islands between 1718-1876. Trial ends Nov. 8.

Ethnic Newspapers from the Balch Collection 1799-1971
More than 130 searchable newspapers published by members of many of the most influential American ethnic groups in 25 U.S. states. Trial ends Nov. 8.