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BHA (Bibliography of the History of Art), 1975-2007 Database Information

Starting Date 1975  
Ending Date 2007  
Subjects Art History, Classics
Update Freq.
Notes Subject coverage includes fine arts in all media (from painting and sculpture to video and new media), decorative arts, museum studies and conservation, archaeology, folk art, material culture, classical studies, antiques, and architectural history. The name BHA has been used informally to refer to a group of databases: RAA, RILA, BHA, and IBA. The data available on this Getty Web site comprises two databases: BHA and RILA. BHA (Bibliography of the History of Art/Bibliographie d'histoire de l'art) covers the years 1990-2007; the Getty Web version includes all records with abstracts in French or English and all subject terms in French and English. RILA (Répertoire de la litterature de l'art), covers 1975-1989; the Getty Web version includes all records with abstracts in English and all subject terms in English. At present, the Getty has no plans to add RAA (Répertoire d'art et d'archéologie), which covers 1973-1989. For IBA coverage of material published after 2007, please see International Bibliography of Art on the databases list.
Languages Multi
Access www Web
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