Bowdoin Reads

Seeking the Common Good Series, Spring 2010

Literature as a Lens on the Common Good

Sherrie Bergman is inspired by...

Rachel and her Children: Homeless Families in America
by Jonathan Kozol

After interviewing homeless people around the U.S., Jonathan Kozol returned to his Boston-area hometown: “I shared some of these stories with a woman who works at . . . a local grocery. “You didn’t have to go to San Antonio and Florida,” she said. “There’s hundreds of homeless families just a couple miles from here… In Ipswich, Gloucester, Haverhill . . . There are families . . . living in the basement of my church.” After a moment’s pause she told me: “After my husband lost his job—we had some troubles then, I was divorced . . . I had to bring my family to the church . . . Well, we’re still there.” p.8-9

Words that Rocked My World: Campus Installation
April 12-18
Smith Union and Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
What written texts have most influenced the way you look at the world, inspired you to action, or informed your academic or professional path? This campus installation, including favorite texts selected by students, faculty, staff and alumni, offers inspiration and fosters dialogue by highlighting the ways that literature can help shape and reflect visions of the common good.

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