Bowdoin Reads

Seeking the Common Good Series, Spring 2010

Literature as a Lens on the Common Good

Megan Brunmier is inspired by...

by Jeffrey Eugenides

"In the silence that followed, Desdemona felt a strange emotion rising inside her. It spread in the space between her panic and grief--she recognized the emotion; it was happiness. Tears were running down her face and she was already berating God for taking her husband from her but on the other side of these proper emotions was an altogether improper relief. The worst had happened. That was it: the worst thing. For the first time in her life, my grandmother had nothing to worry about."

Words that Rocked My World: Campus Installation
April 12-18
Smith Union and Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
What written texts have most influenced the way you look at the world, inspired you to action, or informed your academic or professional path? This campus installation, including favorite texts selected by students, faculty, staff and alumni, offers inspiration and fosters dialogue by highlighting the ways that literature can help shape and reflect visions of the common good.

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