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Running and Being
by George A. Sheehan

To me, this book is the Walden of running literature. As I was preparing to run my first 5K in about 10 years, I searched for this book but was sad to find it had gone out of print. Luckily, the Library had a copy. There is wisdom and advice to be found on every page, not just on running, but on living as well. Sheehan teaches us that through our bodies we can learn to express our true selves. He advises us to strip life down to its bare essentials. He says, “For the runner, less is better. His needs and wants are few…one friend, a few clothes, a meal now and then, some change in his pockets; and, for enjoyment, his thoughts and the elements. And though he’s on the run, he’s in no hurry.” By the way, I finished my 5K in 31:20, or about a ten-minute mile. Not bad for an old guy!

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