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Indian Country Today
by Four Directions Media

Indian Country is one of the publications that was requested through myself and the Native American Student Association (NASA) for public review here at the college. Indian Country contains information from all over North, Central and South America pertaining to all aspects of our lives as native peoples. The publication is a Native organized reference for keeping updated on what is going on in Our Native World, in other words "Indian Country." I have personally found very informative information regarding people that I know and even some family. It is uplifting to be able to see the progress that our individual nations have made, and energizing to observe the challenges that we are still facing and overcoming each and every day.

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Submitted by mklingle on Thu, 04/02/2009 - 6:05am.
I agree with J.T. -- Indian Country is a great paper, one of the best in an era when newspapers are disappearing. I read it regularly not only for news about Native issues, but also for a different take on issues affecting the nation as a whole.