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Death by Honeymoon
by Jaden Skye

I’m currently reading book #1 of #8 in a series of books by Jaden Skye that are part of her Caribbean Murder Series. Cindy and Clint are newlyweds spending their honeymoon on the picturesque island of Barbados. Less than a week into their trip Clint, an avid surfer, is found dead along the beach under suspicious circumstances while his new wife is in the hotel waiting to meet him for dinner.

The island authorities rule Clint’s death an accident and quickly close the case, but Cindy is not completely convinced that his death is a result of the wild surf.

Clint’s parents are not huge fans of Cindy’s and objected to the marriage. When Cindy returns to the United States without Clint his parents begin to think Cindy was culpable in his death.

I’m at the point in the book where Cindy is on the verge of having a breakdown due to the accusations raised by Clint’s family. She is so troubled by the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death and she’s going back to Barbados to do a little sleuthing of her own!

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