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The Lobster Coast: Rebels, rusticators, and the struggle for a forgotten frontier
by Colin Woodard

I am into all things Maine, so when Gulf of Maine Books had their main sale on Maine Street, I had to go, I was mainly looking for non-fiction. I'm halfway through The Lobster Coast and am fascinated by the detailed history of so many places in Midcoast Maine. Woodard is very detailed in chronicling the long establishment of Maine as we think of it today, pioneer communities, Native Americans, the French and the English fought over this land and its resources from the early 1600s to the mid 1700s. That is a long time to collect a lot of interesting, sometimes horrifying, stories from Maine's past. The mouth of the Kennebec, Popham, Pemaquid and Monhegan Island, all right in our backyard, are covered in detail. You will definitely learn something about Maine's cultural or natural history, and how that shaped Mainers today, from The Lobster Coast.

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