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The Amber Spyglass
by Philip Pullman

After all sorts of heavy-duty readings for my classes, I often like to escape and read a fast-paced conspiracy or fantasy novel—The Amber Spyglass just happens to be a perfect combination of the two. The Amber Spyglass is actually the third book of a trilogy called His Dark Materials, and is the dramatic end to a tale that involves Church conspiracies, unethical theological research, and the two children—Will and Lyra—who are prophesied to have the fate of the spiritual world in their hands. It follows Lyra's journey from her comfortable home in the University of an alternate world as she travels throughout both her world and our own, running from two forces attempting to attain power over the theological institutions of her world. I cannot really do the books justice without revealing too much and spoiling the story. However, know that the entire series is always worth a second read. The first time around, I zipped through the books rapidly because I was so excited to figure out the truth. This time, however, I have been reading at a more leisurely pace, taking in the subtle details and connections that tie the story together.

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Submitted by jjones on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 10:56am.
And great series!