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Steve Jobs
by Walter Isaacson

This biography offers an eye-opening look into the life of an innovator that changed the face of American technology. Starting with an account of Jobs's childhood, and continuing up until the last years of his life, Isaacson captures the multifaceted complexity of Jobs. His struggles as a child, feeling neglected and somewhat unloved because he was adopted, translate into his tendency to develop tumultuous relationships with even those closest to him. As Jobs's life unfolded, he takes on the role of a hard-lining business man, with a dream to revolutionize the world of computers. Over the course of this book Isaacson interviews dozens of people that played a part in Jobs's life. Co-workers, friends, family members, and peers contribute their memories of Jobs, which helps piece together this complex story of a man seeking to make a mark on the world. Several interviews with Mr. Jobs himself also play a key role in this life's tale, as Jobs unveils his thoughts on the impact he made and how he achieved his long sought greatness. The story of Steve Jobs's life is surprising at times because he is a man that rarely opened up to the public and outside world. In the end the struggles and emotions conveyed by Jobs and by those closest to him, help reveal the true story about this American icon.

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