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The private life of Adam and Eve : being extracts from their diaries
by Mark Twain

Whether religious or not, it is almost impossible for a person to avoid the story of Adam and Eve. Mark Twain utilizes these two personas in his work The Private Life of Adam and Eve to provide some “insight” into their everyday lives. By laying out the book in the form of a personal journal, Mark Twain is able develop the characters how he saw fit. Integrated within each journal entry there is hate, love, confusion, resentment, but more importantly, humor. The book starts off with extracts from Adam’s diaries and ends with Eve’s diary. It is because of this that the reader is able to notice the differences in the ways that the two see the world around them and how this eventually brings them together. Not only that, but it provides plenty of humorous scenarios in which Adam and Eve are depicted as frustrated with the other’s naiveté. The humor, although evident, only strengthens the love that Adam and Eve have for each other, which in the end proves to be what helps them survive the downfall of Eden.

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