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by David Sedaris

David Sedaris is one of those authors who writes books that readers can come back to over and over again. I’ve read every single one of his books, and Naked is definitely my favorite. (However, I do recommend them all). Sedaris has a knack for making the mundane comical, which I think is an extremely difficult task. Essentially what he does is transcribe short stories from his life with incredible wit and humor. He tackles a wide variety of issues from death, to life in a nudist colony, to the troubles with working in a mall as an elf during the holidays. His work is entertaining, yet thoughtful and thus functions on a higher level than just pure comedy. He grapples with struggles that occur in everyday life, and, in doing this, he transcends the “comedic memoir” genre and provides a level of insight into human psychology that makes him stand out amongst other similar writers. I have read Naked at least twice in full, and always find myself coming back to it if I need a break from work or need something to make me smile, and it works without fail every single time.

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